Ep2 Girls Date Ideas – Terre Bleu Lavender Farm Visit!

Welcome to the episode 2 of my Girls Date Ideas in Toronto Series! This week we went to Terre Bleu for a photo shooting and I think this place is a perfect match to our girl’s date series! The farm is so organized and easy to navigate. It’s a great place for relaxing, chatting, and taking great pictures. You can create stunning instagramy photos with minimum photography skills simply using iPhones. Since Terre Bleu is an Instagram famous place, I will also mention some of my photography hacks to help you guys get the best travel pictures. Let’s get started!


Terre Bleu has several varieties of both English and French lavender and it smells so good during the bloom season. The farm also offers yoga class in the field which I wish I could go soooo bad 😦 They post their monthly yoga schedule on their website, make sure you sign up in advance! Ticket for the yoga class is $25 and admission is included. The farm is so beautiful and it feels so good to simply sit down and relax or do some meditation (great photo idea too!).

untitled-5411see! So beautiful!


Terre Bleu is so easy to navigate and they have the cutest gift shop ever!!! The cutest cheese, the cutest purple bear, the cutest lavender scented candle…. I just love all of them, the packaging and everything is so cute! (I might have said cute a thousand times .. love them)

We had so much fun at the farm taking amazing pictures, having the best ice cream, and chilling, I will definitely come back and join the yoga class next time! I am planning for a new content/series comparing different yoga classes at Toronto, maybe I will include the outdoor yoga as well :)) Stay tuned.

Bonus!!!! My ultimate tips for taking amazing travel pictures:



I got asked a lot on posing and how to move your body in front of the camera. First of all, you have to know your body. In my case, I am 5’3″ so I am always tiptoed when I am shooting to make myself looks taller and my proportion looks better. After you know what works the best for you, try to move in front of the camera. You can start from a small move like swinging your arms, stepping forward. When you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can feel free to interact with your background. Please don’t stay still in front of a camera unless you are taking a passport photo. Movement creates the best picture!



When you are taking a close-up picture, try to make your background clean or simple toned so that people can really focus on the object itself. If possible, try to separate your object with a blurry background. If you are using iPhone, tap on the object to make it stay focused. If you are using a camera with a little bit more control, turn to aperture priority mode or turn down the F value on your camera to focus on your object. A blurry background will take your picture to the next level!



For those of you who are expert on Instagram will know that you don’t have to show up on every single post on your Instagram. Sometimes showing your hand holding an ice cream or your shoes will let viewers better know what are you experiencing. They could see the view you are looking at and share your happiness at that moment (Is that make sense?). And be creative with your pictures!



Last but not least, being confident in yourself and have fun!


I hope you guys enjoy this series. Since Terre Bleu is so Instagram famous, I shared a few photography skills today of how I take my travel pictures. If you hate camera or hate taking pictures, please bear with me :)) I will talk about a lot of fun places and adventure places in the coming posts.

Thank you again for all my viewers. I tried so hard to stay organized and clear, but I am still learning and practicing. Hope you guys can get any inspiration from my post, and I will see you next week!

Stay tuned and get inspired. xoxo


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.

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