My Favourite Bookstores in town!

Exploring different bookstores is probably my favorite things to do when I feel stressful and want to spend some time alone. Today, I am sharing two of my go-to bookstores in downtown Toronto. Every month I will pick three books from different categories that I’m interest in and these two bookstores can always surprise me. Let’s get started!

1. Bay & Bloor Indigo

Some people don’t like large chain because sometimes they do get crowded and the huge selection of books are a bit overwhelming. To be honest, sometimes I do have the same feelings but I am still loving Indigo because I can always find what I need in here. The Bay & Bloor store is not as crowded as their other stores and I can always get a seat at the Starbucks section.


Planning trips for the next few months, I love reading travel books at Starbucks with a matcha latte and toasted butter croissant. (I was reading the cruise ship guidebook, leave me a comment down below with your favorite cruise trip destination!)

untitled-6375untitled-6385My favorite interior designer Emily Henderson!! She shares a lot of decorating tips and room makeover ideas on her blog, love her!!untitled-6406

2. Swipe|books + objects

Swipe is definitely my favorite design bookstore in town. It locates at 401 Richmond Street and it has all the design books you love. Every time I want to add more new and interesting books to my collection, I will always come here. Architecture book, packaging design books, logo design books … they have all the books that designers love!

untitled-6461I’m obsessed with this place! untitled-6441untitled-6413So many classics in here. A famous modernist project in Casa Blanca…untitled-6439Lot’s of cute books, Nanotecture is already on my list :))untitled-6434Such a beautiful marble cover!untitled-6448

Unfortunately Swipe does not have any seating area, but they have an awesome cafe right in front of their store where you can chat a little bit and enjoy your book.


Indigo and Swipe are two of my favorite bookstores where I go every month to explore some new books. They have great selection of books and very nice staffs. I also love to buy books on Amazon if I want something specific, they are fast and offer very good price too.

I will share some of my favorite places to get second-hand books next month, hope you guys like them 🙂

Stay tuned and get inspired. xoxo


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